It has never been so timely to reconsider our relation to the built-in surroundings and the solutions that are favourable in long-term, meanwhile rapidly feasible in short-term.

Beside of its outstanding aesthetic standard, DOMINO mobile house has all the positive attributes that meets the requirements of a product fully exploiting the architectural and technical potentials of the 21st century meanwhile meeting up to the principles of sustainable building during construction and operation too. It is transported to the site max 6-7 weeks after ordering and takes only a few hours to being installed and ready to occupy.

DOMINO mobile house is built by a light steel-structure technology, and due to its modular system its inner ground plan can be adjusted to the owner's demand. The structure's essence is the statically calculated rectangular hollow steel skeleton and the individual structural insulated panel (sandwich) walls. DOMINO mobile house has many features that were only typical of permanently settled and brick houses up to now.