Surface of facades, the heat conductivity factors of applied structures

The outer surface of the insulated wall-panel system can be varied on demand of the owner. It can be aerated wall of wood-paneling with air gap or insulated DRYVIT system surface, which means (an additional 4 cm of styrofoam heat insulation is applied) that the net heat conductivity factor further decreases to an excellent value of 0.26 W/m2K.

The net heat conductivity factor of the flat-roof is also better than the standard of regulations. The 83 mm high galvanized corrugated sheet steel profile's waves (built in for structural reasons) are filled with reshaped ROCKWOOL mineral wool insulation and an auxiliary 4 cm mineral wool layer is added to moderate the relative heat bridge effect of the sheet steel. This provides that the net heat conductivity factor of the layers can be only 0.23 W/m2K even exceeding the standard of 0.25 W/m2K and also to be on par with the "U" values of the floor boarding and wall structures.